About our President & Founder

Frank L Piper, Founder

Frank L. Piper has been in the private protection and firearms training arena since his honorable discharge from the Unites States Marines in the mid-1980's. After over 30 years of providing both front line and leadership to multiple companies, Frank decided to focus on teaching the new generation of Protective Service Professionals as well as the general public.  

Security Officer Training

Florid Security Officer Class D and Class G licensing

We offer courses from basic to advanced leadership and firearm certifications! 

With instructors that have a combined total of over 100 years in the private security industry, working in various positions from line officer to company owner, Critical Awareness has taken these many years on knowledge, skills and abilities and created a course that will ultimately create the best professional security officers in the business!

Civillian/Public Safety and Security

Florida Class D Security Officer training

At Critical Awareness & Protection Education, we understand that if you wear the "CAPE" in the family, you have a great responsibility in today's times. We'll educate you in both firearm and non-firearm courses to ensure you have what it takes to "Face The Wolf" if the time should ever come. If you are not training now for the worst, you are doing a disservice to those who rely upon you!

Veteran Discounts

Us Government and Military Discounts

Honorably discharged veterans receive discounts for virtually every course we offer! You served us, now let us return the favor. Contact us at protect@caware.net for your coupon code.

Children & Families WELCOME!

Youth training

Young or old, it is never to early or late to begin learning to "Face The Wolf" in today's world. Bring the family together for a session that will work for every age. Whether we come to your home with a Refute To Be A Victim course or you come to us for some shooting education, thee is something for everyone. We have small rifles for the youth and larger guns for the more mature. 

Customized Classes Available

Florida Security team building and training

We'll train you team! Large or small, public or private, we will get your team in sync. Let us create a team-building safety and awareness course for your company or group. Get everyone together for a fun filled and educational meeting. 

Security Professionals who learn each other's strengths and weaknesses can operate far more efficiently.   

We offer training to.......

Private Citizen

Security Training, Concealed Weapon

The world today is comprised of very unique diversity and divide. Whether by nature or nurture, negativity is on the rise. While so many people simply want to move onward and upward, there are wolves that do not have the mindset of the normal person. Learn to know what to look for and how to respond to the potentialities we face. Critical Awareness is what you need! Get it here! 

Professional Security Officer

Florida Security Officer Tatining

Critical Awareness is comprised of experts in the Private Security industry. The combined knowledge base of the two primary owners is well over 50 years! While we'll never say that we've "seen it all" you can rest assured that whether you are just entering the industry or are looking for training that targets individual promotion and upward mobility, you'll find exactly what you need here.  

LEO / Critical Infrastructure Officers

Florida Enhanced Class G training

We are dedicated to enhancing the shooting skills of our Law Enforcement, Correctional and Critical Infrastructure Officers. To this end, Frank Piper can spend time with you individually in order to assist in your shooting qualifications. Additionally, you can bring your team together for advanced shotgun/rifle skill qualification or enhancement.