Critical Awareness - DS1700069/K 1800067

THE #1 Security/Civilian Instruction in Jacksonville (904) 410 - 2123

Concealed Weapon in Jacksonville every saturday at 3:PM

2 1/2 Hours (+/-)

This is the in depth certification course that covers the necessary information for you to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapon in Jacksonville

NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor!

Your instructor, Frank L Piper will guide you through and exciting and information filled course that you'll certainly recommend to your friends as the best training for Concealed Weapon in Jacksonville.

  • Gun Owner Responsibilities
  • The Defensive Mindset
  • Ethical Responsibility
  • Safe Handling & Storage
  • Mental Awareness
  • Avoiding Confrontation
  • Responding To An Attack
  • Controlling The Encounter
  • If You Must Shoot
  • The Aftermath Of A Shooting
  • Florida Legal Supplement
  • And Yes....YOU'LL SHOOT

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Division of licensing Florida CCW License in Jacksonville

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